Recruiting The Right Fit For Your Firm

By Dale DeMari, Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Finding and recruiting an employee whose objectives are in line with your company can be difficult and time consuming. When looking at candidates to fill an opening, recruitment professionals often overlook a critical quality: cultural fit.

Simply put, you want to find the right hire that aligns with your company’s mission, value and overall personality. While credentials, experience and specialized skills are highly important – even the most qualified worker can fail if their personality doesn’t fit the firm’s culture.

Cultural fit is the shared set of values and vision—along with the assumptions about proper behavior, demeanor or habits. So why is this important? The tone of a company’s culture sets the foundation for how employees act and collaborate—and can be used to measure performance and development such as leadership skills.

Defining your company’s culture is a streamlined process and goes from upper management down to the employee sector. Values that place a strong emphasis on responsibility, personal development, inclusion and recognition are key for any company looking to create a more effective culture.

Finding a “firm fit” candidate can be done by evaluating and defining your company’s culture and incorporating key personality attributes within the hiring process.

When recruiting for an open position, it is important to identify key factors, also referred to as knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s). These are core qualities that the ideal candidate must possess to successfully perform the job. Your job description should include the identified KSA’s, as well as an outline of job responsibilities and experience level.

Finally, indicate expected behaviors and personality attributes associated with your company culture. For example, candidates must show a commitment toward continued learning and skill development. Remember, it is not just about the candidate’s ability to perform the task; it is also about their ability to fit within the company’s vision and values.

Now that you have defined your firm’s culture, created your job description, and are ready to start interviewing, you must make sure to ask key interview questions. Ask potential employees specific and measurable questions that will be asked of all candidates and will clearly demonstrate that they have the KSA’s to perform the job.

During a candidate’s response, observe how well they analyze situations and their ability to mesh with all levels of office staff. These observations will allow you to determine if the candidate is the right fit within the company’s culture.

When it comes to recruiting, be patient. Choosing the right employee can be as hard as finding the right life-mate. Employers aren’t just hiring someone because of their resume. The fact is, experience and skills can be acquired but personalities cannot. Personalities and “soft” skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, and thought processes also play a critical factor in the hiring process—and play a strong role in maintaining your desired company culture and working environment.


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